STARBRITE LEARNING CENTER'S, INC - "Your Child's Home Away From Home"
Thank you for visiting our page, at Starbrite we work hard to care for every child enrolled. But, at times it is hard to meet certain expectations of parents no matter how hard you try, and they leave and give you a bad review. These reviews do not define who we are as a daycare.  Our best customers are the ones who truly appreciate us and they are the ones we rely on for us best reviews. If you need any references about the care we provide we have parents who are happy to talk with you.  One of the things that makes us unique from other centers is, we have a loving, fun and caring relationship with our parents.  Your child is not just a check, we have fun doing what we do and being able to laugh and talk freely with our parents makes our job happier each day. Hope to see you in person.

The goal of STARBRITE LEARNING CENTER'S, INC is to produce happy, intelligent, well-adjusted children. Here you will find a nurturing, educational environment for children of ages 6 months to 12 years. We provide care for  infants, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, before and after school programs.
We recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles and personalities. Our highly-qualified teachers and staff are committed to working within each child's comfort zone to ensure optimal social, emotional and educational results. Each caregiver is equipped with the necessary training to teach and care for your child. All caregivers are CPR & First Aid Certified. 
Our centers provide healthy meals and snacks (breakfast, lunch, super and 2 snacks) at no extra cost to the parent. 
Kindermusik Program free of charge.
Picture Day twice a year
Home work Assistance

Each age group will enjoy a carefully planned daily schedule or educational activities which include group circle time, songs, reading, and arts and crafts. To enhance learning we will provide various indoor learning activities such as puzzles and blocks to help develop your child's motor skills, as well as math, science and home experienced areas.
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